Friday, September 23, 2005


I may or may not have a breakdown very shortly.
My kids refuse to take a nap since they have been in their toddler beds. Well, they have taken 1.5 naps in 8 days. I am pulling my hair out.
I mean not taking a nap is bad enough when they are tired, but for the entire rest of the day they fight, throw tantrums, become unruly and are generally children I would rather not be around.

I am going to have to separate their beds, my daughter is instigating and gets out of her bed and tells her brother to do the same. I would really rather not separate them but it is either that, or I run away.



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  2. ok, easy rider just made me laugh out loud which is BAD considering....

    let us know how it's going. a suggestion from someone who doesn't know shit (me)...don't force 'nap' per se, rather call it quiet time. they can read, do a puzzle, play quietly and they have to do it until the bell rings (you need a timer). from what i've seen, kids are crazy for timers?!! then let me know if my stupid advice works ;)

  3. Have you tried just separating them for nap time,not necessarily for night time sleeping?

    Maybe tell them that they don't have to sleep but they do have to rest quietly and look at a book. That used to make Lillianna fall

    Actually my best friend has twins,one of each,and she is a preschool teacher. Let me go email her and ask for her input.
    She's so smart. I'll get back to ya!

  4. LOVE YOUR BLOG! I can completely relate! Before my oldest started Kindergarten - and we would take naps I had to separate them. Max would sleep in my bed and Gavin in his bed.

    That worked. But, I never separated them at night.

    Hope this helps!

  5. UR, I already thought of that, but their legs would still be free leaving them mobile! : )

    Nita, I am off to get a timer!

    robin & tricia, thanks I will try seperation for naps and put them to bed with a book.

    Thanks guys!

  6. my daughter stopped napping completely at age 4. gosh now she is almost 10 and I hardly remember naptime!


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