Monday, September 19, 2005

Hair, Fans and Allergies

I have terrible allergies, I always have. My allergest once told me not to have carpet, sleep with a down comforter or feather pillows never sleep with the window open and not to have pets. Well I switched to down alternative pillows and comforter and I have carpeting in 50 % of my house and I have two cats and a dog. I know I shouldn't have the carpeting ( have you ever priced wood flooring? Expensive) and the pets but I love them all and I live with the consequences, which are allergies.

I try to sleep with the air on so I don't die of a runny nose and itchy eyes at about 5 am every morning. I have a ceiling fan that works well for us, but I have long hair. What does hair tend to do? Fall out, especially in bed. So every night I feel like their is a spider crawling on my leg or arm but it turns out to be a strand of hair blowing in the wind and it freaks me out every time.
Last night it happened so often that I didn't sleep well and today you can tell.

Maybe I can wear a hair net to bed.


  1. Hair nets are's like sleeping with a fry cook without the grease.

  2. damn that will stealing my thoughts....

    um, i know where you can get hairnets in bulk ;)

  3. Will, A little grease is good.
    nita, you are scaring me.

  4. darling girl
    i scare everyone ;)

    AND i used to own a hair salon so i was only half kidding !!


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