Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Cue the music! Cue the streamers and hats and parade! Cue the fireworks!
My kids took a nap today! BOTH of them. At the same time.
If you had twins you would know how big this is.
The last two days Baby A hasn't been feeling himself so I would lay down with both of them and read a book on the floor while they slept in their respective beds. If they didn't fall asleep right away I would rub their back and heads and they would fall right asleep. It could very well be because they aren't feeling 100% but maybe, just maybe they will get into a routine of these naps again and take them by themselves.

This my friends has put me into a great mood. If people tried getting their kids to nap, maybe they wouldn't turn to drugs. I am just saying.
Now I am prepping to make my world famous baked ziti for my hungry, loving husband. Wrapping some gifts and if Netflix is a good little company I will be lying in bed watching reruns of Oz before we go to sleep. Great plan!
If you are planning on asking me for something for Christmas now is the time to do it, that is how good of a mood I am in.


  1. Okay.. Since you are in a generous mood, I have a few requests.

    I would like a cellphone, a IPOD, a gift certificate for $500 to a fabulous clothing store, and some motivation to lose about 30 pounds.

    Just kidding.

    Merry Christmas and all that shit.

  2. Alright for naps!!!! There ain't nothing better than the kids sleeping :) Hope you get some sutff done and a little time to yourself :)


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