Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Looking Forward

I am so excited for tomorrow. I am meeting my friends in my hometown and then cruising into the city for this, which is one of our favorite meals.
Then maybe some shopping nad then back to NJ for a long ride home. E will be watching the kids for me tomorrow because my nephew has pneumonia! And obviously they shouldn't be around him.
It is easier for me then I don't have to worry about dropping them off and picking them up before I go home.

NYC is so great this time of year, you can smell the chestnuts roasting and the air is so crisp, people bustling about with a ton of bags in their hands. It just feels like Christmas. I love it.
I miss living so far away from NY but I am much luckier then many, many other people who will never even get to visit, and an hour trip is nothing to complain about.

Other then that, I still have a couple of gifts to get for Christmas. I have completely decorated my house and I am getting ready to prepare Christmas dinner for my family.
I think my kids have been shopping with me too much because now my daughter will take my husbands business card and "swipe" it between the keys on my keyboard and tell me she is "paying for somthin". Very cute and dangerous!

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  1. How cute!

    We give all those fake credit cards that come to us in the mail to our kids. My daughter thinks they're actually real too! LOL


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