Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Recap

Well Christmas wasn't what I expected it to be this year. Baby B was still sick on Christmas Eve, she wouldn't nap and we all know a good sleep is what you need when you are sick. We put her in the car to go to my Aunt's house and she slept for about an hour on the way. As soon as we got there, I noticed she was burning up, I sent E to the store for more medicines, gave her motrin that my Aunt had and in about 20 minutes she was her old self again. The next morning she was not that good though. She was too sick to open gifts and all she has done for the past 72 hours was sit on the couch. Occasionally she get second wind and will act herself and play but she has eaten NOTHING in 48 hours and we had to make her drink all day yesterday. Finally I had to take her to the doctor's yesterday because she was so lethargic and wasn't drinking. The doctor gave her a deadline for 6pm to pee or we had to go to the emergency room. At 6pm after forcing her to take sips of water for 2 hours I made her sit on the potty and pee. She was hating me at theat moment, but it was better then being in the emergency room!
I think she is better now, her fever broke late last night and she has a lingering cough but otherwise I think she will make it.

Christmas dinner at my house was a ton of fun and my dinner came out great. I was impressed with myself! I didn't know if it was going to come off at all because my grandmother, my mother's mother, died Christmas morning. She was old and sick for awhile so it was expected but still not great news on any morning, nevermind Christmas morning.
The wake is tomorrow and the funeral is Thursday. I have to peel myself away from Baby B's side and go out to find something to wear.

Wish me luck.


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hope everyone continues to get well around the house.

  2. My condolence for your lost during the holidays. Hope babyB feels better!

  3. you know....this was supposedly the day jesus came into the world, so your grandmother making her departure makes sort of a nice balance in the world of souls, yes?

    sorry for your loss. i have it on good authority she's having a good time...


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