Friday, December 09, 2005


I love that they didn't show Good Morning America so we can have live coverage about the snow storm we had. It was supposed to snow here about 4-6 inches, but we only got about 2. Last night I actually heard a weatherman say we will get between 1-12 inches! Way to cover your ass loser.

So this storm was kind of a dud, but today all morning we had to hear such breaking coverage like "So Cindy, when you stomp your foot into the snow does it have a film of ice on top?" or "I think I see the sun peeking out, I can't believe it". Bullshit.
Then they showed their website complete with cameras on a major highway, so "if there is a major accident you can see it from your home!" all said with a smile. I don't know about you, but first thing in the morning with my coffee, I love to see a nice life altering car accident.

Pure genius!

They wrapped that all up by telling the viewers to make sure to get a "warm coat on before going outside" uuummmm, thanks asshat, I thought it only snowed when it was in the upper 80s, and today I was going to wear a light camisole with no bra and short shorts.
I swear a fish could be a better news anchor person.


  1. Well out here on the West it is beaking news if it drizzles so I can relate to dumb weather people. Wish it would snow here- that would be cool. Have fun!

  2. Weathermen, duhhh. Here's an actual transcript of a TV weatherman speaking on the evening news in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the late 1970's, whether you believe it or whether you don't:

    'We regret we are unable to give you the weather. We rely on weather reports from the airport, which is closed because of the weather. Whether we are able to give you the weather tomorrow depends on the weather.'

  3. i had a long rant about this last year. i refuse to watch the news at all. i'm blissfully unaware of anything happening and lo and behold! my blood pressure is down 10 points!

    yay ignorance! yay ignoring stupid idiots who get caps and go to college to STAND OUTSIDE AND DESCRIBE THE WEATHER. what, were all the good seesaw tester jobs taken? wtf....

  4. We got 2 inches of dusty snow and they made it sound like we were getting a blizzard in KS.

    One of our news stations cracks me up by doing the "THREE DEGREE GUARENTEE" where if they're wrong by 3 degrees on guessing the high temp, they give $50 to charity and if they're right by 3 degrees they give $100 to charity. Shouldn't that be the other way around? LOL Stupid!

  5. New to your site!! Boy are you so right on this one. It's an all day news event around here when they're calling for a little bit of snow!


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