Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Day

I haven't posted in awhile and I am sorry about that. The truth is, I have had nothing to blog about. My life has settled into the mundane, the ebb and flow of life, the daily rituals we all have.
I live for the highs of life, I love looking forward to things and when they are done I get depressed. I am not sure if that is normal or not, but I have been that way all my life.

I remember asking my parents what they looked forward to, it seemed a depressing life, an adult. No summer vacations, no sleepovers, buying all the gifts instead of getting them all. "We look forward to seeing your vacations, your holidays and we relive them again" my mother told me. "It is better to watch you open your gifts instead of getting one for myself."
Now looking back, I guess she summed up parenting for me right there, it is better to give then receive, it is watching your children grow, seeing them experience something for the first time, those are the things you look forward to.
That is what keeps you going.


  1. I guess that is a positive way of looking at being a parent.

    But, seriously, I still want, want, want.

    And I am anxiously awaiting some excitement. Not some present for Christmas, but some real excitement. A vacation, a new friend, something out of the ordinary. Parenting has not stopped me from wanting things for myself.

  2. Hope there are many highs in your near future!

  3. I feel the same way. It must be in the air or something :)

  4. I've been thinking alot about this lately myself. :)

  5. reason #1834 to not have kids.


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