Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am still so sad that FOX cancelled Arrested Development. It was such a smart, hysterical show. I really don't get all the mindless sitcoms they have and don't get me started on the reality TV shows they come up with.
Is anyone really going to watch skating with the stars? Really?

I guess the show is too smart for most people in this country. I guess they still want to watch Cheaters and Room Raiders.
All I have now is The Office, sob.

R.I.P. Bluth Family


  1. Room Raiders- that show just sucks! Along with Maury because if I see some some girl trying for her 6th time to find out who the father of her kid is I am going to scream :) You still have "Lost" eventhough the new ones take forever to be on.

  2. That's how I felt when I found out they canceled Drew Carey's Green Screen show. I was so mad, not like I get to watch much TV but don't take away my favorite show!

    Seems like Reality TV is all that's on anymore. You'd think after 15 Survivors and 20 Real Worlds they'd have a DROP in ratings?

  3. Be patient. HBO & ABC are looking to pick up the show.


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