Friday, January 06, 2006

2006. The Sequel

Since yesterday I had to cut my list short of things I will not tolerate in 2006 by crying babies, here is the rest of my list:

  1. crying babies
  2. Star Wars. Enough already. This needs to be dunzo. Dun-zo.
  3. the word dunzo
  4. my thighs
  5. myspace pages
  6. Paris Hilton
  7. A new ipod debuting every 38 days
  8. anyone I know dying
  9. the Sopranos still not on tv
  10. Jessica Simpson's new lips


  1. jessica's new lips will come in super handy if we have another rainy/hurricaney year like last year :)

  2. Nita, you are always thinking!

  3. March cannot get here soon enough!! They had better not be lying about that being the beginning of the new season either!!!! HBO has been duly warned!!!!!!!!

  4. Can I add Ryan Seacrest that?? And of course I will be one of the millions guled to American Idaol because I am a total dumbass. We could go on and on with this list I think.


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