Monday, January 16, 2006

Google This!

People search for some crazy shit on the internet. When they search for this crazy crap, they usually find me. I really don't know how, but I may as well answer their questions or problems if they are finding this little blog instead of porn or Webmd.
So, here we go:

1)"haw to fuck girl an ass"- Are you serious with this question? Perhaps you should worry about other things besides anal. Maybe you should focus on 8th grade grammar and spelling. I'm just saying.

2)what does it mean when a women invites you to her house for lunch- ummmmm, it means she would like to know if you want to eat lunch at her house? Was that too hard to come to that conclusion?

3)does Jennifer anniston speak to her mother- Who the fuck cares. Mind your business.

4)gynelogical exam old women- What do you want to know? It is gross and unpleasant for everyone involved. . As we know from my former post, some doctors don't even wash their hands afterwards.

5) jessica simpson vagina- Do you think you will see a picture of it on the internet? C'mon Joe Simpson would never allow that.

6)elizabeth hasselbeck, motherhood- Talk about annoying, she knows shit about motherhood and is currently up Bush's ass. Enough said.

7)addicted to chap stick- Now this I know about. Hi, I am Tuesday and I am addicted to chapstick. Right now I could use some smooth, balmy magic on my dry lips. Ahhh, it feel sooo good.
Excuse me, my chapstick and I need a moment alone.

8) squeezable- Many things come in squeezable containers, mayo, jelly, toothpaste, lotions and men's balls.

I hope this post was enjoyable and informative for all of you. I know it was for me.


  1. Ooh, another chapstick addict here! In fact, I had to grab mine and apply as soon as I read that. You get some freaky searches here!

  2. Excellent post, I really loved it, and it gave me a chuckle, which I truly needed. It was the day of the cold shower, because the plumber, who couldn't find his ass with both hands, can't seem to fix the water heater. He wouldn't just let me beat on it with a wrench. I am sooooo sure that would cure whatever ails it!!

    BTW, did Baby B ever poop? My youngest granddaughter has that prob. We use very small doses of Milk of Magnesia on her. It breaks my heart when she starts to crying and you know it is hurting her.

  3. Cori, I am SO addicted and have been since I was a little girl.
    Debby, she finally pooped 3 times, nothing too huge, but she didn't go again yesterday & today she is having the same problem.

  4. Anonymous9:20 AM

    hahahahah #1 had me rolling!

    Hassleback is retarded.


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