Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Co-pays, Needles and Scales Oh My!

I feel like I have been living in doctors offices the past few weeks. Checkups, blood giving, 3 year pediatric checkups, paps, flu shots, all this and I have another doctor's appointment for myself today. Yippee!
Of course this is the year when I didn't use our Flex pay account and now I am out $100 in co-pays already this year. Not to mention my prescriptions cost me about $90 a month.
I am so glad I make the best fiscal decisions.

The babies were great for their checkup, the doctor checked them and they were cooperative and helpful. The doctor kit we got them came in handy since they knew exactly what to expect. They took their shots like champs and Baby B didn't even want a band aid. This was strange because she loves band aids at home.
Yes, we are into that phase.

So I am off to a new doctors visit, I just hope there are no needles this time.

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