Monday, January 16, 2006

The One With The All The Poop

Baby B is constipated. When she turned 12 months old, she just started having harder bowel movements, like balls. I thought it was because of the change to milk, but the doctors told me it couldn't be that. From then on she almost always has hard poops and will go almost every day.
Well, when she was sick she didn't go, but she wasn't eating & barely drinking anything at all, so that is fine. When she felt better she had two raging diarrhea poops, and all went back to normal in the poopy house we live in.

Until last week when, she hasn't pooped in 7 days. On Friday I started feeding her raisins, and prune juice, took away apple juice and bananas. On Saturday I put acedophilus in her prune juice. Saturday night she was up crying because her "hiney hurt", which is so sad. Sunday I purchased prune baby food, laxatives and suppositories (suppositorys?).
The suppositories worked ok, she pooped a little after that, and then today I gave her more prune juice, laxatives and debated giving her some coffee. Hey, if she is at all related to her Father & her Grandfather, coffee should be an instant fix!
Maybe I could even give her a cigarette and some soda. I will show this girl how to poop, if it is the last thing I do!

Finally today when she cried and I cried and there was crying all over but no poop, I debated doing a Bobby Brown. I actually though about putting my finger up her bum and getting it the hell out of my poor daughters body.
But I couldn't do that. Let's face it nobody wants it to come to that.

Anyway, I would have to wait until E came home & let him do it. I can't have all the fun!


  1. We've had plenty of experience with Logan holding his poop. It's a condition called ENCOPRESIS. Check it out on the web to see if it fits your kid.

    This has been an ongoing struggle with Logan. About 2½ years ago, Logan complained about a tummy ache. We thought it was that he hadn't pooped in such a long time that his tummy hurt, but I had to take him to the ER just to be safe. They X-rayed him and sure enough... he was jam-packed full of poop. He got his first enema in the hospital that very night.

    Since then, he's been on Miralax pretty much every day and he still holds his poop the best he can. What happens then, is it gets so hard and dry it's very painful for him to poop. When it does come, it's the size of a baseball. One time he managed to prolapse his rectum when he pushed that blob out.

    If you think your kid has that condition, I feel your pain. I'm not sure why he started holding his poop... maybe it was a control thing for him; maybe it was just that pooping was painful or gross. Whatever the reason, what happens is the intestine gets so distended he cannot FEEL when he has to poop anymore. Many times I've asked him if he could feel it when he has to poop, and the answer is usually a "no."

    We still haven't found the solution. We've found enemas to be a good short-term fix, but just this past weekend, Trish found something that said enemas may compound that distending of the bowels and that perhaps it's counterproductive. But we found the suppositories not to work so well... the enemas DO work, though. But it's traumatic for the kid.

    Trish has the name of another specialist she hopes to get Logan in to see at Mass. General sometime in the near future. I'm not terribly optimistic, though.

    Good luck with yours.

  2. Dunkin Donuts Coffee will do the trick every time. If that doesn't work, try Hormel Chili or broccoli. Then try mixing them all together and use as an enema.

    Good luck with all that!

  3. I remember Julia had that one time and she cried and cried!! And as I was calling the doctor she let out this loud scream and pooped all over the floor. I was happy that she did, but not so happy about the mess. I feel your pain :)

  4. Hope she is feeling better, and things are moving along much better. Oops, sorry, but yes, pun intended.


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