Monday, January 30, 2006

R.I.P. Abu

Today my Mom called with bad news, our cat died. He was really my cat, I bought him for $40 adoption fee from a shelter. He was small, black and white with a freckle on one cheek.
I loved him, our dog loved him and so did the whole family. When I moved out I left him because our dog was old and loved him and the company during the day. So he became my Mom's cat.

He was petite, 6lbs, mute with bald heels. He loved to be carried on your shoulder, go for long drives in the car and drink out of the sink. Ironically he died fast because cancer was all over his tiny body, just like my Dad.
I will always remember how you drooled on me in the morning, my little friend.
Poor kitten, I will miss you much.


  1. sorry for your loss. no love is as pure as the love you have for your pets.

  2. Aw sorry Tuesday. I know how hard it is to lose your childhood pet.

  3. I'm so sorry - it's so hard to lose a fur baby. {{{{{{Hugs for you}}}}}


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