Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More on Doctor Offices

Yesterday while I was suffering through the wait in doctor's office, I was looking around, people watching. It was a packed office and I noticed something strange.
When does a man have to start going with you to your doctors appointments?
I understand the man who is with his pregnant wife, hoping to see an ultrasound of the baby, but there were at least 5 old men in the waiting room waiting with their wives.
Is it a social activity? Is there so many appointments that older people have they decide to do it together or else they would never see each other?
There they were all agitated looking carrying the standard paraphernalia, a book.

Don't get me wrong it was cute, but I had never noticed it before. A new trend.
I bet E can't wait for me to tell him how he will have to do to doctor offices with me when we are old. Only I will give him an extra treat, I will bring him with me into an exam room.

Well, I can't have all the fun!


  1. I look forward to the times where I can sit in the waiting room, my pleated pants pulled up just below my nipples, my suspenders paralelling my bunched up shirt buttons as I stare aghast at the Cosmo cover which by that time will have full frontal nudity as I wait for my wife to finish her doctor's appt.


  2. I wish my husband would come to the doctor with me. It would give me someone to talk to while I wait an hour for my appointment. It also saves you from strange strangers striking up a conversation when you are by yourself. I'm not anti-social. Really.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I noticed the same thing when I would go for my blood tests, ultrasound, etc. while pregnant with my son. All of these cute little old men and women waiting in the lobby for their spouses. Maybe we just haven't been briefed yet on this rite of passage...when you turn 70, you MUST be accompanied to ALL appointments by your spouse. It is cute though :)

  4. My parents go to all of each others doctors appointments (in their mid 60's). I think it is partly because they do EVERYTHING together for one and secondly as my parents both see the same doctor and usually see him at the same time. Hubby used to go to all of the OB/GYN appointments he could so he could see the ultrasounds or listen to the heartbeats, now he goes when he is concerned about something I am seeing the doctor about. Love.


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