Thursday, January 05, 2006


This is a list of things I was tolerant of in 2005 but will no longer be in 2006:

  1. Mariah Carey
  2. her breasts
  3. TomKat
  4. people who search for "vagina tricks" and find my little blog
  5. my quest to own a monkey
  6. people in my house that don't go to the bathroom in the potty but demand a changing when things go awry
  7. gauchos
  8. my laziness
  9. not owning 1 pair of cool jeans
  10. a messy mudroom
  11. my lapse in renewing my New York magazine subscription. I miss my crossword puzzles
  12. the Olsen twins
  13. not having enough "good" blogs to read
  14. eating too much pasta
  15. cats who want to love on you while you are sleeping and make you think they are trying to suffocate you. I am on to him.


  1. If anyone IS looking for Vag tricks I know a few places.

  2. Absolutely hilarious - no more Mariah and her breasts - Amen ..and TomKat..don't get me started..

  3. I agree with everything except the owning a monkey part. Can I add anything to do with Paris Hilton?? She needs to go too.

  4. Vagina tricks? The things people look for...I swear.

  5. Will, you and I should talk.

  6. Shit are you serious? They can find you by looking that up?

  7. Isn't a mudroom supposed to be messy ? LOL
    Hi just going through the Mommybloggers blogroll today wanted to say hello.

  8. Anonymous2:30 AM

    that is so funny, I was looking up vagina tricks and found your blog, lOL! iam not joking either


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