Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Today I took the kids to the dentist for the first time. I was apprehensive to go with them alone, but E had taken off so much time for me already this year I didn't want to ask him to go with me.
The office was beautiful, clean and filled with toys, xbox games and flatscreen tvs blaring Go, Diego Go and other fun shows. I wanted to ask if I could do my dentistry there, as I never feared the dentist until I became an adult and things started to go wrong.
When I say "go wrong" I mean cavities and, oh yeah, my dentist molested two women under sedation.
Yeah, he did and they got him on tape admitting to it, and I will have to leave for another post how both my mom and grandmother still go to him.

Ahem, my kids were tired this morning so I knew I was going to have to go in for the bribe, which was new stickers from Target.
It worked.
My daughter went first and did wonderful, she was just terrific and I am so proud. The only problem is that she has a small cavity in one of her molars.
I feel terrible, since E and I are the ones to brush their teeth, we didn't do that great of a job, obviously.
I am slightly surprised though because they really do not get candy at all, and they only get a splash of juice with 9oz of water every day. The only things I know are bad that my kids got as big treats for going on the potty are those terrible gummy juice treats, that stick to your teeth like glue.

My son didn't want to go, but I mentioned stickers again and he was in the chair like a flash. Besides reminding him to open really wide a few times he also did fantastic.

I am proud of my big kids, they did what they needed to, got some prizes and stickers and are now in for a well needed nap.
Now I have to sit down with E and talk about how to brush their teeth better, and talk about this cavity business, because I am not too crazy about the entire process.

Actually, it is my turn to go to the dentist and I know I have cavities and I wish my kids could come with me and hold my hand.
I need someone to hold my hand.
God, I hate the dentist.


  1. ...I'll send you some stickers, if that would help...?

  2. Well sounds like it well for the first time! I'm glad they got their stickers. I hate the dentist too, actually it's been a year for me. I really need to get in!

  3. I brought my son to the dentist for the first time over the winter. He did "ok". Complained a little but sat there. The baby was a lot younger then and it was hard to hold him while coaxing TJ to stay in the chair. I also have a fear of dentists which doesn't help! He had to go to the dentist to get into the Pre-K in the public school. I don't remember needing a dentist report for school. I guess times change.

  4. I am taking all 4 kids for a cleaning on the same day in August! It should be fine, as the older ones are "big" enough to take it, and the 6 yr. old did fine the last 2 times....
    it's just their mom who would rather consume large quantities of Advil rather than go to the dentist! I hate 'em!
    Congratulations to your twins for being a big boy and girl! I will send them stickers myself!


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