Monday, July 17, 2006

Bread Goes Last, Dear

My Mom came to visit us this weekend, which was great. I love when she gets to come down and spend a couple of days with us and the kids REALLY love it.

While she was here, we ran some errands and went to the supermarket. While we were checking out she said to me "put the heavy items first, then the light items so they don't get squashed". THIS piece of advice has been given to me by my Mom no less then 597 times in my life. I live by it, it was pounded into my head and I would never dare stray from it, but it made me laugh.
After all this time, after thousands of shopping trips with and without her, even though I am an adult and have my own family she is still there with her advice or strongly worded opinions.
And I love it.

I wished E was there so he could see where all my, shall we say, idiosyncrasies, are from. Picking out the magazines from the back, so they aren't wrinkled, picking out frozen foods from the back so they are colder, packing the shopping cart just so.
E would have laughed, I have turned into her!
It is also safe to say I repeated this sage piece of loading the groceries onto the checkout to E before. Many times. But he is a boy and doesn't listen, so I have to keep telling him.
And that was when he declined shopping with me anymore.
I don't blame him one bit, I get it.

My poor daughter has no idea what she is in for!


  1. Isn't that funny the things your mom does you end up doing no matter how much you fight it :) Moms rock with all of their advice :)

  2. Don't forget this little gem... socks always go in the top drawer!!! That's the mother of all motherly advicisms. (my god.. I just made up a word!!!)

  3. My mom told me the same things too when I'd go shopping with her. There must have been some magazine back in the day that informed all women to do these things and pass them on. lol

  4. While visiting the in-laws last year, my MIL felt compelled to instruct the wife and me on the use of a fitted sheet. We're both 40 years old and have been using fitted sheets as long as we can remember. Luckily we're old enough that we can laugh at the woman, otherwise I would have been offended.


  5. Ditto what Amanda said...
    I, too, have noticed things my mother has passed down to me...I can't say it's a funny thing since some are things I always found annoying. Okay, it is a little funny...

  6. I absolutely love my Mom and her advice, but I've noticed that friends who have Mothers with the same idiosyncracies (sorry, no spell check :) get all wound up. I think it is so much more fun and productive to just sit back and laugh. And also to acknowledge that despite what we say, we are quite like them :)

  7. it's inevitable....we ARE our mothers!

  8. I notice here and there things that I do that are so much like my mom... we can't avoid it!!


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