Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Days

It is hot here, really hot. I know it is summer and it is supposed to be hot, I just feel so intolerant to the heat since I became a Mom.
Having a sticky sweaty baby hanging onto you doesn't help.
Neither does: having sand in every crevice of three bodies instead of just myself after a day at the beach, applying hot sunscreen or having to swim in a pool with other people attached to your body.

Swimming was way more fun before you had to worry about little things, like children drowning.
The beach was so much more fun before you had to drag 40 beach toys, umbrellas, extra towels, changes of clothes, SPF 1000 sunscreen, snacks and juice.

Summers are different now, my days are spent wondering how to entertain little ones with no concern for my own wants or needs.
Ok, who is kidding who, with a little concern for my wants and needs.

I have gotten new summer joys from them.
Seeing their faces light up when they hear the ice cream man, watching them climb the play equipment with ease, the same one they couldn't climb a few months before. Catching fireflies at dusk. Ice Pops after a long day in the kiddy pool.

Little things, that make me so happy to be a Mom.
AND, I am very glad I don't live in Arizona.


  1. Right now, I'd take Arizona (Heat Index today will reach at least 115 - stupid humidity!)

  2. I think it's hot everywhere!
    You are a good mom, keep it up.


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