Friday, July 14, 2006

Nude Blogging!

Ahh, back to the mundane rituals of life.
Eating, sleeping, cleaning, cooking, watering of the grass, ect.

I was thinking of a way to make them more interesting. I think I have found it. I am doing all of my mundane things nude.
Free as a bird.

It stops you from eating to much because you can watch your stomach grow by the bite.

Sleeping nude is terrific, no pesky underwear to pull down for those middle of the night pee sessions.

Cleaning nude prevents you from getting those cleaners on your clothes, if you get some on your body just hop into the shower! Clean your shower and your body!!

Cooking nude is tricky, never ever fry anything. You can play "who gets the curly hair in their plate" every night.
The winner will never eat again.

Go ahead put on some sunscreen and then water that grass. I may finally be able to make new friends in the neighborhood. Plus, if I get hot will just sprinkle myself with the hose.
I may even get a tan in those hard to reach places.

Of course I do not plan on doing all my chores naked, but it might be fun for one day. Don't fear I would never, ever go outside naked.
After all, I had twins remember, I would never get a new friend after that sight.


  1. It's an ongoing joke between Tim and I that I am nearly always at least half naked while I'm at the computer. LOL. Not today though.

  2. Kristen, You have GOT to get a webcam.

  3. you could get away with nude and pregant when just strech back out anyway!! lyns

  4. Nude? Don't think so, but my day doesn't really start till I change out of my pj's and some days that never happens! Really I could live in my pj's for the rest of my life.

  5. I have the entire house to myself from 8 a.m on... and this never occurred to me. And, we have great mud puddles in our back yard. I could play without worrying about getting dirty! :)

  6. You might get a new friend, it just might not be the kind you'd hoped for :)

  7. okay, i'll be the first to admit it..i'm not the sharpest crayon in the box! when i bookmarked your blog after reading your "friends" post, i apparently bookmarked that particular post, not "home". so i've been checking back every day or so to see if you had posted anything new, but it appeared as if you hadn't because i kept coming back to last thursday.
    yep, a few fries short of a happy meal.

    ANYWAY...i love the doing chores nude idea except (as they say in kentucky) "thare ain't no way!" i DO not want to see myself naked that much, and i guarantee the kids and the neighbors don't either.

    AND, you're not a bad person because your nephew was driving you crazy. boys that age are particularly quirky and survival is best achieved with large quantities of video games.


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