Monday, November 20, 2006

Bad Turkey Day

Many people are traveling far and wide to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Some do it willingly, others do it begrudgingly.

I love my family, I have a ton of Aunts, Uncles and cousins that I love to spend time with. Because of the large size of our family it isn't the small sit down Thanksgiving dinners I am accustomed to. Up until I was an adult most dinners were my immediate family, my maternal Grandma and my Mother's sister and her family, we didn't see my Father's family on Thanksgiving, Christmas is their holiday.

So we have a buffet style Thanksgiving now, with everyone bringing something and I love it, but it isn't the same. E & I usually have a small turkey feast the weeks before Christmas, so we can have all of our old favorites just the way we like it.
So, while that is not the worst Thanksgiving story ever, I would like to hear some of yours?
Do you hate your family? To much football? Do people always burn the turkey and the gravy sucks?
Tell me what you do NOT like about Thanksgiving.


  1. I hate the fact that I'm expected to have 2nd's (or sometimes even 3rd's) of every single food item that's offered. I'm a picky eater and hell, sometimes I don't even have 1st's of something. I usually take 1 slice of turkey, a small bowl of corn, and a couple of rolls. That's it. That's all I want. I don't even like the turkey that much, I just take it because it's Thanksgiving. But all I hear for the rest of the dinner is, "There's cranberries. There's stuffing. There's potatoes. There's green beans. There's carrots." I KNOW. I didn't take it, cuz I didn't want it.

    I've found out that I keep being offered stuff because, since I take so little and am the first one done, it makes people uncomfortable and they feel glutton-ish.

    If my very limited diet can make you feel insecure about your eating habits, then that's pretty sad.

  2. I don't like everyone caring what I eat. I'm an adult (and a vegetarian), I can figure out how to feed myself.

  3. Well the good thing is that my family doesn't care if I do or do not eat, but I hate the fact that we have to drive to 10 different places to make everyone happy. They dont really want to see us, they really just want to see the kids. So this year we are just staying home and whoever wants to see us has to come from KS to IL.

  4. Okay, this may sound bad- but I hate going to my mother's house. Well, his mother's too but mine more.
    My mother and I can't seem to get along for more than a half hour at a time, and when we are at Thanksgiving we fight. Loudly. Because she is nit-picking at me or spoiling the hell out of my son (who thinks he will get the same treatment at home) or just making annoying comments...
    This year I think we have decided to stay home, just us, and visit everyone the day after for just a little while.


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