Monday, November 13, 2006


I was listening to a radio show today, that I sometimes listen to in the car if nothing else is on. The hosts are fairly annoying and they make fun of callers who don't agree with them. I didn't like them before today and now I hate them.

They were talking about how the female host would pick up her husbands clothes because he will just throw them on the floor when he was done, that was her role. She went on to say that she will give a little slack to women who work outside the home because they work very hard. She clarified that if you "get to stay home and raise the kids" that cleaning up for your husband whose gift it was to let you stay home you should clean up his shit.

I so do not agree with the host but I do think that I am home with more not free time but flexible time that I can do things for my husband that I would not be able to do so easily if I worked outside of the house. I will let him know where his dirty pants can go if he wanted them clean, just as easily as he can beg me to check for my hair on the bathroom floor more regularly because it skeeves him.

BUT, my husband is great he has no troubles pitching in, or doing the chores I hate. We do not gender assign chores, we just do whatever we can, whenever we can.

Tell me what works for you in your house. Do you have traditional roles?


  1. My husband and I are both pretty independant, so thankfully since we both work we both pitch in to the household stuff. So far it's been going pretty well.. although having been married for only 3 months I reserve the right to chance my opinion at any time! :)

  2. We have very traditional roles..Husband works, I stay home. I do ALL the things around the house. it's fine as long as I get a "thank you" once in a while...know that I am appreciated, ya know?

    I've had a few part time jobs but I LIKE being home for my kids....just say "thanks" once in a while!

  3. I have a traditional role as well. I will do the laundry btu jsut don't throw your pants on the floor, you know where the hamper is. Things like that bother me, I am not a slave.

  4. We don't really have traditional roles. Everyone sort of just pitches in - but not until I ask them to.

  5. My hubby thankfully doesn't just go throwing his shit around, but I do hate that when he takes his t-shirt off before a shower, he leaves it on TOP of the hamper. You already know the sentence that comes out of my mouth; 'if you at least put it on top, it's not tooooo much of an extra effort to OPEN it and out the shirt IN'. otherwise, he's alright. He does help me with (SOME) chores, he understands that I work, too and it's hard to keep up...
    laundry is all mine though. unfortunately I always have to do that myself.

  6. Rob pitches in, but I don't work, so I bear the brunt of housework, which is fine.

    I don't care what he does. If he wants to leave his pants in the middle of the living room, that's certainly in his right to do so.

    I'll either get them, if they bother me, or let them be.


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