Friday, November 17, 2006


After one weeks worth of rainy, gloomy, depressing days, the sun is finally out here in NJ.
Just the clear sky and sun makes me wake up and feel so much better about life. I don't know why I let the weather dictate my moods, and I really try not to let it, but it does.

Today at the grocery store my daughter chatted up anyone who was in hearing distance and some that were not. That girl will talk to anyone. Do you want to hear her spell her name? Her brother's name? The alphabet? ALL the colors in the rainbow in Spanish? Her count to 30?
No? Then do not approach me in any way shape or form.

I am now trying to tell them what to do if they were ever lost from me. They have started walking off in stores and it scares me to death. It stressed me out so much that I try to only take one kid to the store at a time if I have a choice.
Really, I like to leave them both at home!

I have a question for all you ladies, if you have a fight/argument/disagreement with your husband does he just let you go to bed mad wake up and act like nothing happened? Does he just ignore it? Even if there was no resolve to the problem and/or argument?
Men! I swear!


  1. My husband doesn't like to go to bed angry, but he will let me. And yes, he acts as if nothing was wrong the night before. Frankly, I don't like having deep discussions before or during bedtime. It's too frustrating for everyone concerned.

  2. dd, I didn't say it was right before. I could argue with him in the morning and stay mad all day, he will act like nothing is wrong in the morning.

  3. My husband will let me be mad and just tiptoe until I get over it or make him talk about it. Or I will make him mad someway (usually by spending too much money) and we will be even again.

  4. When we have it out, he will ignore ME until he needs something. Like breakfast. Or a shirt that only I know where it might be (because I put the clothes in super secret hiding places, like the DRAWERS!)
    Then he pretends nothing is wrong when he approaches me. I hate that. But it comes with him I guess, because he is not an argumentative person, while I will holler and scream until I feel better.

  5. I've found that most men are eerily similar. Non-confrontational is the name of the game. Not only will my husband let me go to bed mad, he can piss me off in the middle of the night without knowing it. i.e. last Tuesday night. I swear I wanted to smother the bastard in his sleep. I was up from midnight to 4am fuming while he slept like a baby. Go figure. And on Wednesday morning he called me sweetheart and acted like nothing was wrong. I told him I hope his 2nd wife understands him better. =) He just smiled at me and left for work.

  6. My hubby has a talent for saying something really bitchy and then rolling over and falling asleep! And then I'm so pissed, I'm up all night! Grrr.

    They seem to be able to turn off their emotions in the name of sleep. At least mine does...


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