Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Say Cheese

Today is picture day at R & L's preschool. Wasn't it just yesterday where I was sitting on my school's stage waiting for my turn at picture day? A free comb and the satisfaction of a job good done is a memory. I will last forever.

Ok, maybe not but I still remember it clearly.
Now it was my turn to do my daughter's hair and find a nice outfit for both of them. Surely I wanted them to stand out for the class picture!

Wow, it is true, I have turned into my Mother.


  1. I think I posted an infamous (in my family at least) preschool picture of me with a frown so bad, that if you turn the picture upside down I am smiling from ear to ear....

    And then there was the kindergarten picture where I was redfaced and crying because the MEAN MAN PHOTOGRAPHER told me to say pickle and I told him I didn't want to say pickle. So he yelled at me. Good times.

  2. Wow. I remember picture day! I also still remember the year me and another girl in my first grade class wore different dresses made out of the same patterned material. Although in the first grade we thought that was pretty darn cool.

    Oh how things change! :)

  3. I remember how picture day once fell on the same day I had Brownies. I had to take my picture in my dingy brown Brownie uniform, complete with brown, felt beanie and orange tie. I still hate that picture.

  4. Oh pictures day! I think we had it worse growing up. Plaid anyone???

  5. Remember the little black combs they would pass out?

  6. I was just thinking about the little black combs they passed out and then I read it in the comment above mine.

    I can not wait until my daughters have their picture days. I remember feeling so much pride and being so excited to see the photos when I got them back.


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