Tuesday, November 14, 2006


New Jersey is cold in the winter. That may not surprise you but it will shock the shit out of pajama manufacturers. Why, you ask?
Because every pajama I have seen sold in stores lately is a tank top and pants. Who the fuck wears a tank top to bed in January in the northeast?

I received my Victoria's Secret Christmas book yesterday and more of the same filled every page, tank tops, flannel pants and warm slippers.
Now I keep my house warmer then E & I would like to at night in winter because the kid's rooms are cold. I don't like warm pajamas either, like long sleeve flannel sets. I would love cotton pants and a nice fitting (read: not so TIGHT as to sausage in my boobs and not short so when I awake in the night the bottom of my shirt is around my neck) t-shirt.
Is that so much to ask for?

Isn't there a happy medium? Do you have to sweat to death all night or freeze?

Maybe I am crazy, do you peeps wear tank tops to bed in the winter?


  1. I am of the Old Navy pj bottoms and tank top with shelf bra... but it is a little warmer on the West Coast!

    You need a Lanz nightie... do they still make them?

  2. I never heard of it, but I am off to go look it up!

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    yes, because I like the option of cooling myself off by sticking my arms out from under the covers. I can't wear pants to bed. It's not natural! Undies or short shorts. No sense in picking out wedgies all night!

  4. pj bottoms and a t-shirt, NOT a tank. I wear that year-round, unless it's really hot and I just wear the T.

  5. Diana, that is what I wear. But it is hard to find! I usually wear sperates that I jsut have and E complains I wear the hideous, outdates, holey things to bed. NOT SEXY

  6. Hell no. I wear a comfy cotton t-shirt and a pair of sweats. Although, I kick the sweats off right before actually climbing into bed. Can't stand anything on my legs when I'm trying to sleep.

  7. Usually I will buy mens white undershirts from hanes or FOTL. Plain t can usually match anything, because you're right, no one sells pj's with t's anymore. If E doesn't find an almost sheer white t sexy... ::wink wink::...unless you're wearing a TANK under!LOL

  8. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I am with ya. It gets cold here! I typically wear pajama bottoms with a t-shirt to bed. In fact, that is also my lounge around the house-wear, too! With little kids, you never know when you'll have to get up, and I won't be parading around this cold house in a little skimpy jamma combo! lol

  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and let you in on alittle secret. Victoria;s Secret is for 21 yr. old girls w/perky breasts that would rather look pretty than be warm @night. Believe it or not I had to start shopping out of the LLBean catalog a few yrs. back. But then again I'm pushing 39 and getting older by the minute and apparently more and more like my mother.

  10. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Cory, are you my (evil) twin? lol I really like you gals. Comfort over sexy ANYday...lol

  11. Yes comfort won over sexy about 3 days into my marriage.
    I just can never find something fairly attractive but also not freeze to death in the night.

  12. Tank top and shorts for me all year round... but then again, I live in Texas...


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