Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holidays By The Numbers

Number of pieces of Halloween candy still left in my house: 29

Number of Days after Halloween when I called a store and they answered the phone with a not so cheerful "Happy Holidays": 1

Number of days before Halloween I saw Christmas decorations and stock going up: 10

Number of holidays that seem to be rushed through and nearly forgotten: 1 Thanksgiving

Number of gifts I have bought so far for Christmas: 2

Number of gifts I have yet to buy: 34974

Number of dollars I have to purchase the gifts: $0.00

Number of days left in this depressing year: 42


  1. My kids enjoy Halloween, but aren't really into eating the candy. Each of them still has a large bag of it.

  2. I have bought no gifts for XMAS!! YIKES!!


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