Friday, November 17, 2006

Playstation Hype.

To the man who stood outside Best Buy for three days to be first in line for a playstation 3 game console, I have only one thing to say to you: You are a fucking loser.

You are a grown ass man standing outside a store to get a video game. Don't you work? Contribute to society in any way? Don't give me BS about it is for your kids either, it is for you, because you are a loser.
Teach your kids how to earn $600 for a game then I bet, they will make big changes to their "must have Christmas list".

I know E wants this and maybe I will get it for him for his birthday when the prices go down and "availability" goes up. There is no way in hell even if I had $600+ dollars to spend on my husband either he or I would pay that much a stay on line that long for it.
Fuckity, fuck, fuck you Sony.

[end rant]


  1. I agree. I heard there were over 5 tents at each of the Best Buys and a few at the Targets here. What is wrong with these people??

  2. I didn't go to any stores that would have the PS3 in the past few days, but I read in the paper of a guy in CT getting SHOT while in line, the whole line got robbed by two younger guys and the one guy who wouldn't give his money up was shot. Nice, eh?
    I wanted to get hubby one for his birthday (next week) but when I found out the price, I was like- ummm, NO.

  3. the guy just wants to go to work and say "I did this and bought this and spent this much" blah blah blah. People are insane.

  4. The whole PS3 thing is insane! My friend and I were talking about it yesterday - what are these people teaching their kids? Crazy...

  5. I'm a fan of the video games. I think they're a right jolly ol' way for me to spend my free time from 11pm - 2am. Helps keep me sane, having that "me" time.

    But, damn! I will NEVER understand camping out in line to get one. And I will NEVER-even-more understand the people on ebay who will pay a couple thousand dollars for one. Ridiculous.

    PLUS...anyone who knows anything about electronic equipment knows that you NEVER purchase the 1st ones off the lot because it's going to have all sorts of problems.

  6. I'm no longer certain I would still choose that bitch over "no colds for a year."

    Oh bullshit, who am I kidding? Bring it on. How much longer can this last anyway? I mean, it's already been 7 days right? I've had pnuemonia 5 times before. It's not going to last much longer...(right...?)

  7. I accidentally cut off my first line of "maybe I could get the PS3 from that bitch Oprah"...

    There, I feel better having typed that. If often makes me feel better about myself when I put her down. But hey, if she's giving shit away count my fat ass in!

  8. Obviously these losers must be single (I hope). It's all just mental masturbation. Expensive masturbation mind you.

  9. I agree with Stepping Over the Junk. And I agree wholeheartedly with you too!

  10. AMEN, sister. Some people really need to get a life.

  11. Did this make headlines???
    I can not believe someone stand in front of a store for three days for a product...
    Did they have a cue sign up three days in advance???
    And who was second?
    How long did they wait?
    OOOOhhhh Sad sad times...
    And did they sellout of this $600 playstation???

  12. Pendullum, it made big headlines, actually someone here in NJ got shot waiting on line by a holdup crew.
    Each store had only like 25 to seel, so they sold out in minutes!

  13. I tried posting the other day but I had kids crawling all over me. I agree with your post. Unfortunately I think you'll have to wait a few years before you get it cheaper than $600 though. The Xbox is still at $400 and it's been out over a year and my dh would like to have that one but that's way too much to us.


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