Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Another Day

I loved reading about your favorite names and name suggestions in the last post. Many of your favorites I like as well.
Being I have such a large family many of them are taken already! Really picking a name for someone to have for the rest of their life is hard for me. I wouldn't want to name our child something that E hates, but I know I have the final decision. I told him when he produces something from his body, he can name that whatever his heart desires!

We let the kids help us decorate the house for Christmas and I know E is regretting it and I am getting there. The constant touching of the musical Christmas items in our house is enough to drive anyone batty and when they touch them all at once, I want to run from the house screaming! E hates Christmas music so it is even worse for him. Most of the things we took out needed new batteries and I replaced SOME of them, but the others will have to go without until maybe next year.
There is only so much a person can take.


  1. I so here you on the musical things - our 2 year old is infatuated with Frosty the snowman! If I hear that song one more time!!!!!

  2. Call me crazy but I think when I go to Target tonight I'll look for something Christmas-y musical! lol I'll probably blog about regretting that decision.

  3. I love Christmas music... so much that by January my husband is looking to throttle me... or at least hide my CDs!


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