Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Another Monday

My in-laws were here for a long weekend so we had some added stress with that visit. It wasn't this bad this time around because they stayed with my sister in law and her family instead of with us. Some people asked what did I end up giving my mother in law for her birthday after I put out a plea for help. I ended up giving her a gift certificate for a local knitting/fabric store. She loved it.
Thank you, peeps.

We are having Thanksgiving here at home with just the four of us this year. I didn't want to travel the 2+ hours to my family's house for dinner so I will just cook for us. E and I are looking forward to it.
We are also trying to keep our spirits up because we know this is going to be a slow week for resumes, interviews and phone screens. E is much better then he was, I did allow him a two day mope/feeling sorry for himself/woe is me/let me drink to numb the pain fest and then I cut him off. It won't do any of us any good, we are going forward now. Everyone says bigger and better will come of this and we just hope so.
He really deserves it.

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  1. I can totally understand where you guys are at... We just finished grad. school thinking that we'd be more marketable in our field and we have yet to find a job. We are wandering from relitive and friend staying with them until something comes through...(not so easy with four kids 4 and under!).... We've moped, we've whined, we've sent out resume after resume.... it can get discouraging...but...

    We have really enjoyed this time together... its been good to be home together all day...we both apprcietae the other a lot more and the kids have loved having both of us home!!! much as you can (b/c its hard not to stress) enjoy this time together when E doesn't have to rush to work... when you can all just be together! xo Lyns

  2. Two days. You are indeed a kind wife. Mine would only give me about two hours.

  3. travis, my husband wanted many more days, he said it wasn't enough!

    lyns, thank you


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