Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Name Game

My children have decided we need their help on deciding a name for this baby. Of course I am willing to listen since I am the worst with names and so is E. We are so picky and if we make a list of baby names we like, in the end we figure out that we hate them all.
The one name we both really like for a girl is classic but has turned popular in the last few years. That turns me off to a name. I never wanted my kid to be like the 15 Jennifers in my classes, known as Jen lastinitial. That is why I am so glad I didn't name R, Emma, which is SO popular right now. She came very close to being Emma and although I like R's name I wish I went a little more traditional with her name. I love L's name though and would never change it. I couldn't it was the only boy's name we could agree on.

This time if it is a boy he will be named after my father, so that decision is made. We are still on the hunt for a girl's name and the one I really like Charlotte, E hates. He is a pest.

Here are some of my children's suggestions:
R: For a girl we could name the baby Pink or Aria (wft?)
Me: Those are nice names.
L: If it is a boy we could name him Frankie
Me: Frankie? Where did you hear that name?
L: After Frankenstein!
Me: umm, I don't think so.

So do you have any suggestions for girl's names for me, or do you have a name that you heard and was so terrible it made you laugh? I mean like naming your baby after a monster?


  1. We wanted to name our girl Ryan. BUT...there was already a boy cousin with that name.

    Then, I came up with Cricket. We both liked it, but figured it was a bit much. But if I were to ever have another daughter, that would be her name.

  2. When I was younger my Aunt and I (we are close in age) decided we were going to name our son or daughter Ryan because we loved Ryan's hope.
    She had her 2ns child and he is Ryan and my sister's middle name is Ryan!
    I still love that name.

  3. Kristi7:39 AM

    ok, this all my kind of sound wierd but all the girls in our family inadvertanly have boys name. My name is Kristian Diane (Kristian being the boy name) My mother was pregnant with my sister and my uncle used to always tease her that she'd name the baby after him. He drowned while my mom was 7 months pregnant, so my sister's name is Rusti Renee. My daughter's name is Ryan Renee and my niece is a jr (WtF?) rusti renee. (btw Renee is my mother's middle name)
    If I had another child, I'd name it Cameron or Peighton and each name could go for either sex. and even though it has an old world sound to it, I love Lena-my great grandmother's name

    Kevin, as you can see my daughter is a Ryan and as a child my brother's friends call me cricket as a term of endearment.

  4. I have huge lists of boys names, it's the girls that are the hard ones. Since you like classic names like Charlotte I'll just suggest Olivia or Grace. I think they are both beautiful. Good luck!

  5. My husband, bless his psychotic little heart, came up with two suggestions for our daughter's name before he was forbidden to offer up any more.

    His first choice...Lenox.
    His runner up...Domino.

    Crystalware or a Bond villainess...ah the choices.

    I came up with Tess, which he liked for the same reasons I did, it was simple but different at the same time and not at all trendy. Although now I have everyone and their brother asking me, "And what is Tess short for?"

    My mother was going to name me Ryan too except spelled Rianne (also after Ryan's Hope, that must have been a hot show!)

    I say it all the time, YOU carry the baby, YOU get to name the baby!

  6. We chose Celtic names for our kids since we both come from that backgrounds. I really liked Siobhan and Rhiannon but my husband wouldn't get on board.

    My current faves:(girl) Ava, Claire, Brenna

    (boy):Kieran, Aidan, Cameron

  7. Bibi, my kids have Irish names.
    both kieran and aiden are used in my family already!
    I love Ava, but E doesn't and it has gotten a little too popular for me.

  8. Funny, we also have a Ryan. It has was a compromise. I wanted Duncan and my wife wanted Joe. Looking back I'm glad I didn't win. We also have a Tom.

    We went traditional Irish with our girls. Bridget, Kathleen and Maura. Playing the name game is one of the better things about pregnancy. Always coming up with new ones...

    Good Luck

  9. I have an Emma and wanted to name the next on Charlotte. I LOVE that name.

  10. For reasons you know, I love the name Vivienne (Vivi) and Elise. Strange b/c we are Irish/German and both those names are very French.

    I struggle with names that are typically one sex used for the other. My son refers to two of his classmates as Name the Girl and Name the Boy, which is not much unlike the Jennifer Lastnameinitial.

    As one who prefers the traditional, I also prefer to not see names that are "fancied" up by spelling them with extra consonents, or using replacement letters.

    I did see in The Metro's paper that someone named their boy "Mayor". Yes, I rolled my eyes at that, too. I'm opinionated, aren't I.

  11. One of our kids actually picked the name we chose for our 5th boy - Cody. Since we never had a girl we never got to use any of our girl names - we liked Kaitlyn, Cassidy, and Jessica.

  12. My son decided that our daughter's name HAD to be Jennifer. I thought it was too common, so into the baby book we went, and got Jenaya, the English form of Jennifer. He liked Jenaya, so that's it. Try seeing the 'other' versions of common names, you may find something you like!

  13. I know it's late, but I had to put my two cents in. Mine are 14 and 9, both girls. Sadie was easy, once we heard it we knew it would be great. Pre "Friends" we named our 9 yr. old Emma. It's too popular today, which still upsets me. I always thought we should have named her Layla, oh well. If we ever had a boy I thought August or Garrett would have been nice.

  14. I like old fashioned names. My little girl is Cecelia, I also adore Sophia.

  15. I know I'm a little late, but I've heard of a couple of girls named Olive, which is kind of neat. Although our son is nicknamed Little Elvis, his real name is traditional. My husband and I are both purists. I'm hoping we'll have more kids. If it's a girl, I'm thinking of going with a floral name (Rose, Lily, etc.)


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