Friday, November 02, 2007

Two Words: Jersey Hair

I just wish I could find pictures of my biggest beauty blunder. Of course growing up in the 80s there were so many to chose from. The crimped hair, the stretch pants with shirts short in the front and long in the back, keds with wigwam socks, the colored mascara (why??) the big clips we wore on the side of our heads, and the big ass Jersey hair.

Although my hair was not the biggest in New Jersey or even in my school for that matter, it still was big. I am not sure how the trend of "ratting" your hair out as far as it could go then spraying it with half a can of aqua net came from, but Jersey girls had it perfected. It required many cans of hairspray, various combs, combined with extra long bangs and a steady hand. This hairstyle was no joke. We are solely responsible for the holes in the ozone. Jersey hair was a phenomenon. It was everywhere, on MTV, in magazine heck even Madonna had Jersey hair at one point, and she was Madonna, she could do no wrong.

I look back at those pictures of myself and cringe.
Why didn't someone intervene?
Why couldn't we just say no to the hairspray?
Why couldn't we let our bangs fall as they may?

I wonder what the craze will be when my daughter becomes a teenager. I know one thing though, I will never laugh at her, because I know deep in my closet hidden below many piles of junk is proof that I was a teenager once too.
And I did not know better either.

This post was for the new book Beauty Confidential (which I will add to my Christmas list) and Parent Bloggers Network. Go check out other people's worst beauty moments. Lets hope some are worse then mine!


  1. Kristi8:18 AM

    Hell, even Jon bon Jovie had Jersey hair!! I mean, I know he's from New Jersey, but sheesh... lol

  2. love this! I never had Jersey Hair, but I DID have a mullet...a PERMED mullet! and I rocked that bad baby!!

    When you look back at the pictures, you can SO tell what year it was!

  3. I had a mullet. I'm not proud of it, but it's true.

  4. Kristi, really tehre are tons of hair bands that had hair MUCh bigger then mine.

    Mullets are baaaddd!

  5. I didn't have big hair. I wanted to, but my mother wouldn't allow it. She said it looked ridiculous. Of course I'm sure all moms said that at one time!

  6. I followed your links and I totally have to do this!!! I didn't have the Jersey hair, I narrowly escaped it but I did have a few pairs of Z. Cavariccis...

  7. Kristi9:48 PM

    OMG Z Cavarrici's!!! And I SOOOOOOOO loved my calvin Klein and GV jeans. Good lord... it seems like yesterday.

    The guy from Poison had the biggest hair (wasn't his name CC Deville???)

    ps. I never had a mullet, but everyone my sister ever dated (up through 5 years ago (!!!!) has had one~!

  8. Oh big hair of the 80's was FUN!

  9. I didn't have enough hair to do the full on Claw (the big bangs.) or the wings. But I tried! Oh and the ginormous shoulder pads in shirts and in jackets. Remember that? OY.

  10. A big hair....
    My ex brother in law was in some of the big bands of the eighties... and I used to marvel at his old pics wondering just how he got his hair so high...
    Hair envy... Sad, but true....

  11. Aaaahhh....... Z Cavarricis I had pants and shorts. I also had a 24 inch waist!

  12. Jersey Hair... always in style!

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