Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey Day

I am glad Thanksgiving is upon us because Thanksgiving dinner is my pregnancy craving. Funny enough it was when I was pregnant with my twins also. It was much more pronounced then because I would call my mother every day confirming what we were going to have for dinner and making sure she bought enough because I wanted A LOT of leftovers and asking her opinion on dessert a million times.
I don't know how I only gained 19.5 lbs that time around!

I am a huge fan of white trash green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. Or yams, what is the difference anyway?
I also HAVE to have cranberry sauce out of a can. I will make homemade but the jellied kind out of the can with the lines on it? Well, that is just old school and that is how we kick it.
Tell me, what do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving?


  1. sweet potato casserole with marshmallows is my fav.....

    grandmother's dressing

    19.5 lbs with twins????? agh!
    38 lbs with one. only up 7 lbs at halfway point this go....we'll see. :)

    happy turkey day!

  2. That is so funny! What a convenient craving!

  3. My in-laws put all of their Thanksgiving vegetables into casseroles. Green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, some cream of corn casserole I don't really remember. The broccoli casserole I actually liked, but the other two I'd just as soon have the veggies casserole free I think.

  4. I look forward to pigging out on that cream cheese corn junk. Yum! And pumpkin pie. I sure wish I was pregnant so I had an excuse for the weight I'll gain by next week.

  5. leftover turkey and hot sauce sandwiches...my hubby got me addicted to them when we first got together. it's literally just turkey on bread with hot sauce...warmed to perfection. toasted bread. you should try it if you like hot sauce...


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