Monday, November 05, 2007

My Life on the Skidz

I have said it before and I will say it again, daylight savings time is for the young and childless. For the mothers, the elderly, for the people who have to work early in the morning, and for some fathers, DST is torture.

We are going to change the subject to poop now. Don't say you haven't been warned.
Why am I having to clean poop stains from not only my son's underwear but also from my husband's? Now my son is too busy to wipe well. He has been instructed to call for an adult to wipe his hiney when a poop is involved. He does this, sometimes. Although I am with him 24 hours a day sometimes I am not aware he is pooping. Thus sometimes there is a skid mark of sorts in his underwear.
Now my husband on the other hand, is a grown man. This morning a saw a stain on his linen pants* he put on when he woke up. I guess procuring a pair of underwear before putting these pants was too much work. Thus a stain was born.
Was he embarrassed? Yes, but not enough to never let a wet fart out again, I am sure.

Please let me know that I am not the only wife and mother that has to throw away stained underwear and scrub the ones that are not that bad off.
Please tell me that skid marks are a part of your life too.

* I don't know why either.


  1. Kristi8:14 AM

    Well, hmmmmmm... My ex-husband was the worst. Gross! Hubby #2 isn't a problem. 20yr old son? Problem occassionally.

    I'm a HUGE NASCAR fan and I work at Tx Mtr Spwy. They sent me to work the track in vegas a few years ago and my section was the infield suites that the drivers use. I went to take a break in one of the empty suites and a woman was sitting in there. She identified herself as Kenny Shrader's husband. By the time we were done talking I just HAD to tell her how cool I thought it was that her hubby is a NASCAR driver. To which she said, "Honey, he's got skid marks in his underwear just like every other man!"

    So there you have it.

  2. Ohhhh it's nice living alone sometimes :) I love your asterisk at the bottom!

  3. skid marks are a big part of my life... a newly potty trained boy with two more boys to potty train... I don't forsee skid marks not being part of my life for quite some time!!! Never fear you are not alone!! xo lysn

  4. Just this morning I was cursing, quite literally DST.

    I think the exact words were: "are you kidding me with this sh*t"?

    And no matter how many conversations I have, exasperated people explaining to me why, exactly it exists, I still do not understand.

  5. og, girl...I live in a house full of males....SKID MARKS ARE A WAY OF LIFE!!!

    and they are so gross...but I guess my period stains aren't any better, huh?

  6. That is so funny! I know it's gross for you, but I laughed outloud.


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