Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Breakup

PSE&G just rang our bell to tell us they will be shutting off the electricity on us for a half hour or so to fix some lines. We also had an outage yesterday for a couple of hours and since today it is only 91 degrees out, I am okay with that. Like I have a choice!

Just when you thought I was a mommyblogger, I start blogging about the weather! With all of this weather talk, I think I may be turning into my mom!

Wanna hear about my latest breakup? Go read about it here. I want to hear what you think.

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  1. What a coincidence! I think our pediatrician broke up with us recently! Actually... two of the three pediatricians in the practice are moving on to greener pastures. But our kids have only had this one for one year.. we liked the previous doctor pretty weell, but then he moved down to sunny Florida. And we only had him for a couple of years... the guy we had before him was an older fellow, but had previously specialized in allergies. I guess he moved on to go back to that kind of work.

    So we haven't had any disputes with our doctors about care... it's just that they're very transient, it seems. The best one we had, by far, was the flaming gay guy who moved to Florida.

    It could be just that practice, though... there is one woman doctor there who, it now appears, controls the practice, as she has been the only constant there for the last 7-8 years. All the other doctors have changed and have continued to change more regularly than we would like.

    So now I think Trish is going to fire not the doctor, but the whole practice, as we're tired of thinking we have a doctor we can work with, only to have him/her move on a year later.

    But I agree with you on the vaccinations... don't be afraid to push back on these quacks. And most of them are quacks, in my mind, until they demonstrate otherwise.

    Ever listen to Imus? He and the Green Ho say to insist on the single-dose vaccines because those don't contain a preservative (thimerosol). It's when they get the vaccines in a bottle, from which they draw, that the preservative is requied. So they say to insist on the single-dose vaccines - and all the vaccines come in single-dose format, it's just whether your quack is too cheap to spring for them.


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