Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Take Your Pee Inside

We bought our kids a little pool for the backyard. It is bigger then a baby pool but small enough that I can stand looking at it all summer. Yesterday the twins went into it for the first time. As soon as my daughter gets in and soaks her entire body and hair she decides she has to go to the bathroom.
She pulls down her suit and just pees right next to the pool.
My husband told her that people do not pee outside*, just animals and she can use the bathroom inside next time she had to go.
She told him "Ooohh, I didn't know! I don't know about life yet!"

Although she knows better then to go to the bathroom outside, she has a point there.

* This from the man who loves to pee outside I caught him peeing outside next to our pool in our old house no less then 25 times. I won't even tell you about how I found him peeing outside when he was grilling. Not while he was grilling but next to it.
Not right next to it.
Never mind, it is bad enough.


  1. Kristi9:54 AM

    ha!!! My kids did the same thing when we had a pool. I guess they were around the 3-5 age. Its really sort of cute to see the way their thinking makes sense to them. It won't be long until they will JUST DIE if anyone even saw their underwear. God, that was a fun stage.(not) Enjoy this one! LOL

  2. I taught all my boys to pee outside...that way they canjust let it fly when they needed to!!! My daughter say her little brother pee outside and said, "Man, I gotta get me one of those."

  3. LOL that's hilarious! "I don't know about life yet!" I love it! Too cute.

  4. Peeing within 10 yards of an operational grill when a women is present is definitely against the guy code. Unless, of course, it is an attempt to douse your burning spouse.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving a note.

  5. Saw you on preg. plump's site. I really enjoyed your blog...funny! :)

  6. Rt won't go outside yet. Pee shy, I guess. I can't wait!! Much easier in my opinion. :)

  7. I freakin love peeing outside.


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