Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I would sell my soul to the devil for just one more day with my Dad.
Instead, today I will try and celebrate my husband, the other great dad in my life.

Hug your Dad extra tight today............. for me.


  1. Kristi6:51 AM

    My God... just the thought of losing my dad is enough to make me bawl. My dad is 65...

    But you know what? I'm going over there in a little bit and I'm going to double the hug quota and tell him the 2nd helping's from you.

    Try to think about all the wonderful memories of your dad today instead of the fact that he's not here. He's here, all around you.

    Even though I was grown and had two kids of my own when my grandfather died my mother celebrates father's day every year by telling my kids stories about him or just simple memories she has of him. Just a thought

  2. I am right there will you Tuesday. They are here with us today you know- loving and being proud the life we have created.

  3. I'm sorry you've lost your dad. Thank you for the reminder that every moment counts.

  4. me too! Lost my dad in January of last year to Pancreatic Cancer. He had just turned 60. Today has been hard for me too. *hug*

  5. Kristi4:38 PM

    When I went to my dad's today I told him about your blog he said he appreciated you putting the sentiment out there because he was missing his own dad today. Sadly, that had never crossed my mind.

    I'm sorry that anyone is having to feel that today.

  6. Kristi, you take for granted your parents will be around forever, I am glad you have yours and he is getting an extra hug for me.
    That makes me happy.

    Amanda, I know my dear, I know.

    Emily, I am so sorry. Hugs to you!


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