Friday, June 13, 2008

Neon Love

Remember banana clips? Sadly one of my mother's coworkers still wears one of these. I remember a lot of bad clothing, hair and makeup trends (blue eyeliner anyone?) of the 80s and 90s but one trend I still have a spot in my heart for.
Florescent colors.

You remember the graffiti clothing and the big lace neon hair bows. Neon was perfect for anything, rubber bracelets, converse sneakers, gloves and so on but my favorite was neon colored nail polish. Now it is back and Essie ( my favorite nail polish) has a limited edition neon color set.
I am thinking I need this.

Don't worry I will only go as far as the nail polish, I will never return to neon underwear. Well, only if my husband asks nicely.

Now tell me, what do you wish would come back into style?


  1. I had a pair of neon pink jellies. Remember those plastic shoes that made your feet sweat?

  2. I loved jellies!!!

    I have been very tempted to do the neon polish trend, very tempted. In fact since I'm working from home next week I think will indulge. (The conservative office I work in would NOT go for neon.)

  3. You know... I saw a woman tonight with neon polish. She had different colors on each finger. So that's really wild that you're talking about it too. It looked really cute with her tan!

    Go for it!

  4. I loved my jellies. I almost bought them for my daughter this year but them i remembered how unflexable and sweaty they were! I had hot pink ones!

    lisa, I remember coloring each nail a different color! Ahh! I love it!

  5. I loved banana clips! With my big old 80's hair and tons of hair spray. I'd totally do that again if it came back, ha ha. As long as shoulder pads don't come back in style I'm ok.

  6. Oh, banana clips, yikes!
    I'm embarassed to admit I wouldn't mind terribly if scrunchies came back into style. They were just so comfortable to wear around your wrist, and even when they weren't on your wrist they were so huge and easy to find.
    I'm always looking for a hair tie.

  7. Kristi1:12 AM

    First off, love the polish.

    Second off, and this may be tmi for some... don't go back to neon undies. I just skip them all together now. Life is so much easier! (God, how lazy do I have to be to say my life is EASIER because I don't wear panties? Jesus H Christ!)

  8. I loved the whole baggy sweatshirt/stretchy pants combo! SO COMFY! I love everything 80's/early 90's. Everything was so much simpler then!

    Do you remember jams?? Those long shorts w/ crazy prints?? Or hyper-glo tshirts and shorts?

    I had some hyper-color keds that were puff painted. I believe I got them at Walmart. I was so cool. LOL

    I may just have to invest in some neon nail polish for the summer...

  9. I had neon sunglasses, and a couple of neon shirts. But I'm so pale, I never looked as good in neon as the girls with tans.

    Oh, banana clips. I have not thought of you in YEARS.


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