Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Am Choosing to Believe This is Not Hades

Ahh, June in New Jersey. Usually a nice month, it has spring still left in it and usually gives us a couple of hot days to show us what summer is all about. This June however, we have already had two days where the heat index has been over 100 degrees. This intense heat will not stop until Wednesday when the high will only be 90 degrees.
Ha! 90! I can do that in a woolen ski cap!

It is not even summer yet and my air conditioner is running overtime and keeping me in trapped in the house with three kids under the age of five and humidity hair that looks like a straw sombrero.
So. Much. Fun.

Our snow accumulation this year was a total of maybe 3 inches, down from a crazy 5 inches last year. Couple that with this crazy heat wave (hey spring where the hell did you go?) so early in the year makes me want to strangle my in-laws with my unused snow boot laces whenever they tell me they don't believe in global warming.
Hmm. I didn't know we had a choice in believing in it. It is not like believing in the tooth fairy or whether you will get gas for under $4.00 a gallon, I think it is a fact.
If we are choosing not to believe facts, well then that is a different story.
I choose to believe I have lost all of my baby weight.
I choose to believe ice cream is not only healthy, but imperative to losing my baby fat.
I choose to believe that I never found a blond pubic hair and that I am not sweating to death at this minute.

There. All better.


  1. blonde....ya, mine was blonde too....why didn't I think of that? ;)

  2. Kristi5:19 PM

    I read something a few years ago where it explained that weather each year balances out. So if you have a very hot summer you SHOULD have a very cold winter. Mild summer, mild winter. Not sure I buy it, but it does give us something to look forward to.

    In Texas its hot as hell right now. And it won't let up til early October. ughhhh

  3. There is nothing, NOTHING, like the heat and humidity that strangles neighbor committed the cardinal sin of putting her toddler down on the back deck with no shoes on and now that child does not have one square inch of un-singed flesh upon which to walk...This weekend was hellish.

  4. Yep, it is hot and humid here in GA as well. The heat index has been in the 100's everyday this past week. MISERABLE already.

  5. Oh too funny. I choose to believe I lost to baby weight right along with you.

  6. Holy Crap your comment on my blog almost killed me. That was some funny shit.

  7. Watching jon and kate plus 8 right now. Stop complaining. hehehehe

    Hope you get some heat relief soon!


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