Monday, June 23, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I spent this weekend doing what every wife does: appeasing my husband.
E has it in his head that he invented this a very long time ago and has spent days complaining how rich he would be if only he had patented this technological gem years earlier.
Now to be fair, E isn't full of back hair. He has a little bit of hair that he likes removed and who can blame him? Not me. He is just so angry that his great idea what "stolen" he is still beside himself.

This weekend he decided to design his own mangroomer, which I dubbed the "manscaper". I found him rummaging around the house for tools and equipment. Next I saw him scurry upstairs with my duster handle.
Then I heard him trying to use it in his bathroom.

He came down stairs a few minutes later, telling me that his mock up failed but! He had a better idea!
I could hardly contain my excitement.

If only he would use his powers for my great inventions instead of something that already exists.
If only he would just get his back waxed.


  1. My husband tried to buy a man groomer yesterday and I wouldn't let him...I told him to try a length of rope with a bit of sandpaper in the middle.

  2. Brooke, yes! that would be perfect.

  3. That mangroomer would be perfect for bikini line maintenance on pregnant women!

  4. Haha, gotta love the rope and sandpaper idea.

  5. ah ha, that's funny.

    hubs could use some grooming of his own...


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