Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Breakfast of Champions

E has a co worker that loves salmon and she eats it, minimally, twice a day. She almost always eats it for breakfast. My comment to that was : gross.
Today I ate swordfish for breakfast. E brought it home from a dinner he gave last night and I consumed it around 10:30 this morning*.
Is that gross?
I guess it is.
I used to love cold pizza for breakfast (who doesn't) but I am not too fond of that now. I will always eat pasta for breakfast though. Keep in mind I would never prepare it for myself for breakfast, I would only eat such things if they were leftover.
Preparing it would be ridiculous.
*Ok fine you caught me, I had a brownie first. It was a small one homemade from some nice lady across the street to welcome us. It was fudgy and walnuty goodness in a tiny square.
Hey, stop judging me, you need an appetizer before you eat swordfish. Everyone knows that. Duh.


  1. I am not big on fish for breakfast, but hey it is your stomach- you feed it how you want :) I would totally eat the brownie though. And for sure you need an appetizer before swordfish. That is not common knowledge?

  2. I love having Ribs for breakfest. I love leftovers, in fact that's probably what I like most this country, large quantities in restaurants, and doggy bags. It's almost cheaper to eat out sometimes because they give you so much frickin' food!

    Ahhh, Ribs.

  3. Yes, you MUST have an appetizer prior to eating delicate seafood. My only question? Where's my brownies?


  4. h come on over. The neighbor made me a ton and they are gooood.

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Leftover Spaghetti now.. there's a good breakfast....
    although a decent steak always goes down well...

  6. Cold Chinese is by far the best breakfast. Oh, and as a child, I always ate a slice of pizza for breakfast on Saturday mornings (just before gymnastics class, LOL) because we always ordered pizza for dinner on Friday.

    So I'm right there with ya about left overs for breakfast.

    I'm also, however, right there with H wanting a brownie too.


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