Friday, September 24, 2004


Why is Mark McGrath a host of Extra? WTF is that?

Why is the "Insider" rocking my world at 7:30 pm M-F? Love it.

Why is my friend so cheap she won't even call me on the phone, she just emails me, but call all my other "local" friends?

Why is Isaac Mizrahi taking it up a notch for Target? He has some nice clothes over there at Target.

Why did Britney Spears get married when everyone in the ENTIRE world know it won't last 6 months? Why can't that dirt bag she married,shave? Why is she so trashy?

Why is it that old ladies usually resemble men?



  1. I just got the "People" magazine with Britney's wedding on the cover. Such trash! She wore half lace cut off gloves- yuck!!!

  2. OLG! I love The Insider so much that I Tivo it. It's like getting Us Weekly everyday!

  3. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Not even God himself can answer the one about Britney. ;)


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