Sunday, September 19, 2004

Do me a Flavor?

Can everyone send good vibes and say little prayers for us? E has a interview for a job he really wants tomorrow and his layoffs at work take place on Wednesday. Yikes. It also happens to be our anniversary that day, great timing!
The best case scenario is that he has a great interview tomorrow, gets fired at his job on Wednesday, collects severance, and gets hired at new job on Thursday! Yay.
Worst case scenario includes us becoming homeless and therefore will have to stop blogging. Boooo Hiiiissss.

On a side note, I watched Maid in Manhattan yesterday morning and I really cannot believe how bad an actress Jennifer Lopez is. It was barely watchable and the entire story line was obvious just from the previews. But I did watch it and I was pissed at myself afterwards. Bad Tuesday girl.


  1. Good luck! We'll keep our fingers crossed for ya'!

  2. Good vibes are being sent! And yes JHO (as we like to call her) is a horrible actress!!!


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