Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dear Syrup

My Dearest Syrup, how I love you so. Your oozy caramel colored self glistening on my morning waffles*, and if I am lucky yummy pancakes on the weekend. I love you, but not too much of you, on my lightly toasted waffles and turkey sausage links. I dream of you in the early morn and wait for the time when we can be together.
I love you especially, when you come out of a African American lady because that is when you taste the best.

I do not love you though, when you get on my hands or counter tops. I clean you right up. I don't like you to linger.

Thank you dear syrup for "making my mornings brighter girl, for making the sun shine brighter girl"......Oops that was Davey Jones typing.

*when I am not eating large fish for breakfast.


  1. I'm more of a "Log Cabin" gal myself. There's just something distressing about syrup spewing forth from a hole in a woman's head and all.

    *grosses herself out*

  2. Oh the "Aunt" has been a part of our family for years. I just wish she would talk and and keep me compnay while I eat breakfast like she does on the commericals. That is when I realized TV wasn't real- damn!


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