Monday, September 20, 2004


Ummm, What is wrong with Gary Shandling's face? Did he have work on it, or worse, did he have nothing done? Wow, that was scary.
I was happy that Cynthia Nixon & SJP won, I love SJP and I think she is great & beautiful. She always looks like she stepped out of a Barbie box. Love, love love her.
Who is Elaine Stritch? Anyway she was hysterical.
One of my favorite shows is Arrested Development, it is genius and I am SO happy they won some awards. They were on the verge of being cancelled there for awhile. If you have never seen the show, you should watch.
Happy to see Zack Braff presenting.
Marishka from Law & Order is gorgeous! Remember her from ER?
Happy for Michael Imperoli and Drea DeMateo for Sopranos because they deserved it and I am in mad love with the show. I once met Michael and had my picture taken with him but my friend cut off our heads. This is the same friend that just got married. I hate her. I will post the picture some day.
When I learn how.
Don't hold your breath.

Babs S. was wearing some sort of curtains. Why, James Brolin, why?

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