Friday, September 17, 2004


I still have many friends that I had in high school. Some of my best friends I have known since 6th grade actually. I have also always gotten along better with boys then girls. I have always had a ton of boy friends. Girls just can be so hard on each other, gossipy and jealous. I dealt much better with boys.

I don't have any new friends in this town. We met our neighbors and they all seem very nice but not necessarily types we would be close friends with, more like acquaintances. Plus they all are older then us, we seem to be the youngest people on the block. I am sure I will meet new people if I start working part time. I really don't want a run of the mill part time retail job though. Yuk. Those are filled with young high schoolers. I surely have nothing in common with them, except maybe drinking until I pass out. Just kidding.
Other then work how do people meet other people? I would go to the gym if I could afford to join right now.
Hmm, this could be my 3/4 through the new year resolution.

Who wants to pay me for doing stuff for you from my house??? Any takers?

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