Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tips, please

I was in this ice cream place last week and I bought two small cups of ice cream a vanilla and a coffee lovers. The bill was $7 and change. I almost died. When the babies and I were leaving someone else came in & bought a bunch of stuff to go, when she left the workers yelled that they got a tip & broke into a song. Some song about scooping ice cream all day. I had to get out of there when that shit went down.
When I was driving home I was thinking about how I didn't see a tip jar there. Then I was thinking how far is this tip thing going? I am a good tipper and never things twice about tipping my hairstylist, manicurists, valet guys, shampooer etc. But where does it end? Should I tip people just for doing their job? Should I tip my grocery bagger or my mail man every day?

I think I should get tips from the babies. I feed & clean up after them all day. I should get some tips based on my performance. I should get at least $2 for each dirty diaper I change. I mean, the poop sometimes, man, is unreal. I sometimes do 4-5 a day. Of just poop. That is for a whole other post though.


  1. You should have a jar, and put tips in there whenever you change your babies' diapers. When you're babies will be older, you should give them the jar and tell them to buy something nice for you with the money for wiping their little bums when they were babies.

  2. yeah I want tips too! Let's start a movement so then it will become just like tipping your waiter!

  3. That is very cute MN!

  4. This kills me at Dunkin Donuts. I order 1 coffee. The girl makes it. I take it. Why am I tipping her? Was it very difficult to hit the creamer and pour the coffee? Am I paying for the ice in my ice coffee? Can't she scoop it without a tip???? DAMN!!!


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