Wednesday, September 01, 2004

September Already?

Really is is September already? Wow time goes so fast when you have kids. I am excited for fall though, even though it is a melancholy season for me. I get sad & depressed sometimes when I feel the crisp air chill my entire body and the air just has a sense of sadness to it. It is beautiful here with the leaves changing and the skyline peppered with vibrate colors, it just makes me sad sometimes.

I have these new panties that I am in love with. They are little boy shorts from Old Navy and they are so airy and light I could wear them all day. I wanted to post a picture of them, but I haven't figured that out yet.
Don't worry I will not wear them all day every day, but I will go there today & see if I can buy more.

Our first mortgage payment is due today. Blech. Already? Such a huge payment too.
Hey McGreevey, can you get your hand out of various men's pants long enough to do something about my property taxes? I mean $6500 is a little ridiculous for .27 of an acre. Plus that is cheap for NJ! You soul-less fucks.


  1. Wow you have quite a mortgage payment!! Here in track home city ours are not that high! I love those panties-I have a couple of pairs myself!

  2. We pay $6700.00 for property taxes in NH! Yes, in NH. Crazy stuff, but we have 1.3 acres.

    As far as the picture goes:

    Go to the OLD NAVY website, right click on the picture, copy the address. In your blog post type this:

    img src="whatever you just copied from the pic on the website"

    or if you want to change the size of the pic:

    img width="XXX" height="XXX" src="whatever you just copied from the pic on the website"

    The width and height can be a 2 digit number too, depends on how big you want it.

    Also, you could just put the link to the website on there. Example:

    a href="" Camis /a

    (you will need to put an < before img, or a href; and an > after the quotes surrounding the url of the pic or link. you will then need to put an < before /a and an > after /a) I couldn't type it correctly, because if I did, it would have done what you wanted and you wouldn't have gotten the code.

    I hope this helps. (I am so sorry if I am confusing. I have a tendency to do that.)


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