Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sucks to be You

Ah, Merck is feeling the pain today boy. Vioxx is officially no more. Pfizer is celebrating today though because they sell Celebrex, the competition. Vioxx was a huge money maker for those cats and now they are going to hurt. Perhaps Pfizer will scoop them up in their little arms, give them a baba, tuck them in their tiny cribs and while they are snoring away buy the company & lay off hundreds of people. As usual.

Today I got my hair done & why god, is a good shampoo girl better then an orgasm? Shit I love those head massages! I was in my glory because I had my highlights done & so I am entitled to TWO glorious shampoos. Love it. I remember the best massage I had was on my honeymoon & I got a massage and she rubbed my head for like 10 minutes. It was better then the back massage. I love you little St. Lucia woman!!!! I still think about you often. I wish you well.


  1. I call that a hair-gasm.

  2. That is perfect and hysterical.
    Perfectly hysterical.

  3. HelloTuesday Girl, Ive been surfing the web for the newest info on stop snoring and came accross your site. Sucks to be You is'nt exactly what i was surfing for, but i see why i found it. Anyway, interesting read. I will continue to look for stop snoring etc... I will be back to your site sometime...


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