Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Day in My Life

6:45-I hear little people playing, talking and laughing in the other room. I roll over & pray that it is a dream and I still have 2 hours to sleep. No such luck.
7:00- I change diapers & bring them down to watch Sesame Street, then crawl back in bed & pray to feel rested.
7:45- I am not rested. I go downstairs and turn on good Morning America and make myself coffee. I make myself a cup and remember I am a horrible coffee maker. Babies play & I make them breakfast.
8:30- babies eat breakfast
8:45 I clean up stuff that they threw on the floor, release them from their high chairs, wash the trays & bring them back upstairs. I change them out of their PJs.
9:30- nap time! thank the lord! I cannot take a nap though because I am horribly cranky after a nap. Put in a load of laundry. Try to eat breakfast myself.
12:00-lunch! More cleaning up shit they try to feed to the dog or just throw.
1:00- pray for night. Play with the babies, brake up any fights that pop up. Trying to stimulate them and bring out he genius in them all the while trying not to be pushy or scar them for life.
3:00 snack time for the babies. I check my email. I can't believe how tired I am. Answering the question "what's dat?' for the 6934 time today.
4:00- this is the most dreaded hour in my day. The babies are CRANKY, I mean crying for nothing, throwing fits, fights, the works. I try to prepare dinner without having my kids burn themselves because they cannot leave me alone for 1 second.
5:00- Dinner time, more cleaning the floor crying because I have never been this tired.
5:30- upstairs, into PJs, playing with upstairs toys. Begging them not to open the diaper drawer and take out all the diapers throwing them around the room. They do anyway.
6:15- TV time, they get to watch one show & have a bottle.
7:00- Bed time, exhaustion for me. Then I make dinner for myself. I cry out of boredom. Check my email. Watch TV. Check all the doors twice to make sure they are all locked.
8:00- go upstairs to watch TV in a new environment. Bored. Make a phone call or two.
9:00 - finally going to sleep, watching TV until I do. Remember I didn't take my medicine, curse and get up to get it. Then pee. Yell at the dog who insists on licking herself so loudly. Remark how tired I am, to myself because I have nobody else to talk to.


  1. sounds like you had a rough day!!! i can only imagine how much harder it is with 2 toddlers!!! my little guy makes enough of a mess for 15 people!!! god bless you!! :-)

  2. Oh, Sweetie, I SO understand. Come over here and cry on my shoulder. Hey, if you want more e-mail, feel free to drop me a line and I'll fill your box with e-mail to keep you connected to the adult world (well, not THAT kind of adult world).

    How long until the husband comes home? I'll send you over a bottle of wine and we can toast to a quick return.

  3. E comes home late Friday night. Boo Hisss. I am bored and cranky & hungry.
    A million thanks for those cool emails!

  4. Ummm... I didn't see blogging anywhere in there! When I had days like you described, I counted down the days, weeks, hours until I could send them off to school! LOL


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