Friday, October 15, 2004

Oh Sweet Nectar of the Gods

Usually I do all of my baking but I decided to surprise my babies & buy then pre-made cookies with little pumpkins on them. All you have to do is place them on a cookie sheet and bake. Well that would be easy if the yummy raw cookielicious dough wasn't irresistible to me. I ate 3 of them before they hit the oven.
I do not regret it though because it was delicious.

I feel bad for E. He has been home now for 3 weeks and he is bored out of his mind. Don't get me wrong there are a ton of things to do around the house but some of them we just don't have the money to do yet, and others are impossible with 2 toddlers running around. He is bored and ready to go back to work but when he does we will miss him and he will miss us. He has to go to California for training next Sunday. He will be gone for five days and I am not happy, I miss him so much when he leaves. Plus being here with no friends and family is lonely anyway. I am going to tell him about the raw cookie dough that is here in our house and that will cheer him right up.

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  1. i love cookie dough. i don't buy it because ... i eat it. all of it.


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