Monday, October 25, 2004


Here are the answers to your questions:

Yes, my real name is not Tuesday, but somebody in my life is named Tuesday. As for my real identity, I will let you guess.

I usually am asleep by 11pm, I wake up at about 7:30. This week I am up earlier because E is not here, so at 6:30.

I need at least 1 cup of good coffee in the morning & I will drink 1 cup of tea at night.

Celebrities I find attractive: Antonio Sabato, LL Cool J, Jared Leto (YUM), Eddie Vedder, Diane Lane, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, John Edwards, Zack Braff and Matthew Fox

Celebrities I hate: Will & Jada Smith, Matt Lauer, Usher, J. Lo, Britney Spears

I like sweet snacks mostly. I love brownies and right now I am in possession of my very favorite brownies, the cheesecake brownies my Aunt makes. Yum.

When my doctor told us we were having twins, I was in shock. Then I combo laugh/cried. We were in shock for probably one week.

In my pocketbook I have chapstick, wallet, 5 lipsticks, 1 lipliner, a crumbled tissue, a $7 credit at Lord & Taylor, $1, a nail file, a baby hair clip, and a pony tail holder.

If I had to be locked in a room with someone it would be Oprah Winfrey. Love her.

I like to be on top.

Good questions, thanks everyone.

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  1. BTW Ikea has dollar slippers. They're decent.

    Great a answers. You're such a nice stable person with just enough insanity to make you very exciting. E is a lucky man! I'm sure your babies love you and will turn out great.


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